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'This is heavy, witty and extremely awesome'-Metal Hammer

Can you believe Jack is shopping for leggings? New video shoot on sunday!!! #honey
First practice in ages! Were a bit out of practice!!! Haha!
Chillin’ on the studio couch! #kicking
Premises studios!! #london
Roanne’s board for recording!! #ghosteffects #blackouteffectors #musket #wem #pep
Jack’s pedals! #zvex #fender
Roanne’s amazing Marshall JCM 800 Super Bass! #marshall #jcm800
Jack’s Hiwatt Custom 100 & ‘74 Phase 4 Univox Hi Flier!! #hiwatt #univox #fender
Good morning London!! READY TO RECORD (after our brekky of course!). #premisesstudios #snaketown

London weekend

Hey, it’s Roanne and we’re on our way home from a fabulous 3 days in London!
Lew has his headphones on in the back, jack’s discussing pedals with me and Live Through This is on!

Wednesday 12th Feb
This was our Liverpool launch show at Maguires Pizza Bar! It went really well and it sounded great. As you all probably know the weather was terrible and lots of train stations and public transport were called off!
Cactus knife travelled from Chorley and arrived safe and played a cracking set!
Unfortunately Claustro had to cancel but that is understandable as its like wayyyyyy up North, we missed them loads, super nice lads and super bosd band!
So not that many people turned up but enough to make it fun! And we really appreciate everyone who made the effort!
It’s sad really, most people lived IN Liverpool, no excuse but its their loss.

Thursday 13th Feb
Our London launch was the opposite to Liverpool, huge crowd, everyone LOVED it and it sounded massive!
We had to do an interview whilst the support bands were on, we felt cool!
Red house glory and This be The Verse supported!
We played in our Growing gowns both launch nights, i felt silly and i was scared on the London night as i just had underwear and socks on under the gown haha!
It was a super duper night as we all expected from London!

Friday 14th
This was my first time in London as a tourist, i’ve only ever been with the band…
We went on the tube and went to the Natural History museum, it was magical!
Far tooooo much to see so we only went to the dinosaur bit and the blue whale bit!
Then we went to Denmark street and each had an imaginary £2,000 budget.. We couldn’t get anything…
I asked for a Zvex poster for Jack in one of the shops and he gave us one and all free Zvex T Shirts, how nice?
Then we went back to Neils and played Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64 and watched Bill and Teds excellent adventure. Hardcore.

Sat 15th
Today we went to Zach and Nicks, i love them loads! It was so cosey and we listened to Babes In Toyland on vinyl!
Then we went and got lovely pub grub and tried beer battered oreos, they’re fit!
We played at The Hope And Anchor with yokozuna, bear vs manero and into the void! After getting over the tiny venue it actually went reallllllly well! Yokozuna are great! Sounds like Mudhoney.
We sold out of t shirts we brought so now we have like three left? We signed someones tee too!
A girl liked my dress, another girl wants me to sing haha.
That could happen though…….
After the gig we went back to zach and nicks, eat pizza had cosmos and chattes music until 3 in the morning!

Sun 16th
Breakfast at Zach and Nicks then long journey back to Widnes :(